Unplanned Pregnancy Services Alexandria, Louisiana

Cenla (Alexandria), Avoyelles (Marksville), Miss-Lou (Vidalia)
Helpful, Hopeful, and Confidential
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11About Cenla Pregnancy Center

About the Center

If you are in need of unplanned pregnancy services in Alexandria, Louisiana, we are here for you. We provide support to all mothers who find themselves in need.


11Free Services

Free Services

From Pregnancy tests to education, Cenla Pregnancy Center is geared towards supporting families throughout Central Louisiana.


11Confidential Care

Confidential Care

At Cenla Pregnancy Center, our goal is to provide the most private and helpful care possible. Confidentiality is a priority.


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Text or call our 24/7 Hotline at 1-800-712-4357

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Cenla (Alexandria): 318.314.3061
Avoyelles (Marksville): 318.545.2330
Miss-Lou (Vidalia): 318.248.8889
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